Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Where to Find the Best Furniture for Children


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, when it’s time to buy furniture for the kid’s room, a lot of factors come into consideration. Apart from the style and design, the quality of materials, kid-friendliness, and safety also need to be factored in. Let’s check out where you can find the best furniture for children. 

The Furniture

1. Lulu & Georgia – This website sells the kind of kid’s furniture and decor pieces that can make the kid’s room look as stylish as your home. From dreamy beds to sophisticated storage benches and gorgeous wallpapers, their selection is highly curated and downright irresistible. If you have enough money to splurge, you can even buy a tiny, tufted velvet chair for the kids’ room and pamper your children as much as possible.

2. Birch Lane – You may not be familiar with Birch Lane. However, they are a Wayfair brand that sells some of the most imaginative beds for a kid’s room. For instance, one of their beds looks like an entire playhouse without sacrificing too much sleeping space. For a cohesive look, they also sell entire sets of furniture, and you even get the option of mixing and matching to create your own set with matching linens and decor pieces.

3. Ikea – The Swedish furniture giant simply can’t be beaten on price when it comes to contemporary furniture pieces. While you need to assemble the furniture yourself and bear the expensive shipping costs, if you’re buying furniture for an entire room, no one in the industry can offer lower prices. The shipping also gets a lot more budget-friendly when you order for an entire room and the cost is distributed widely.

4. Pottery Barn Kids – Pottery barn kids keep things simple and playful. From bunk beds to monograms and cute mini chairs. Their collection allows you to put together the sweetest and most playful room. Similar to Birch Lane, they also have cohesive sets and allow you to make your own set by mixing and matching items. The only con is that their furniture pieces are made-to-order. That means you need to plan ahead and wait for at least a month or two for delivery.

5. Design Life Kids – As the name suggests, this online store has a lot of unique kid’s furniture from designers all around the world. You can create a truly global vibe with their furniture pieces in your home while maintaining the playful element. From cute little rattan stools with secret storage compartments to distinctive light fixtures and toys that can’t be found anywhere else. Every piece of furniture on this site is nothing short of art.    


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you look for variety while shopping for furniture for your children. Variety helps when you’re trying to shop all the furniture pieces from a single source. Those sources also make the shopping experience more pleasant. Make sure that every piece you buy has a generous return window as well.